My work is a tool for internal exploration and understanding; each piece is a lens through which I evaluate my attachment to the world. I am specifically interested in examining boundaries that may exist between myself and others, and in finding opportunities to augment or even permeate those boundaries.


My art is usually centered around humanity and what it means to be a thinking, feeling, and evolving being. I try to shut out the complexities of the world to go back to the basics, to find where genuine human reaction begins and the pressures of expectation end. Currently, I find inspiration in the work of Carrie Mae Weems, Adam Jeppesen, and Francesca Woodman, among others. I am attracted to the various ways in which they address and/or assert their position in the world, often in a raw, sensual, or unsettling way.


I am fascinated by philosopher Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory as it pertains to art practice; in anything that I create, I am constantly evaluating the ways that my work functions in relationship to myself, and then subsequently to others. I am most concerned with the content of my work and the expression of my idea, and am not always concerned with producing a ‘perfect’ file or print every time. I let myself work intuitively and organically, often working in a continuous cycle of proliferation and distillation of components. This method of working allows me to surrender some control over the art-making process and to ultimately create pieces that are freer and more honest.