book arts 

Arts & Facts: Sarcophagus

Brief by Professor Mark Zurolo, University of Connecticut @ Central Saint Martins, London, UK. 

I was charged with selecting an object from a London museum, and using it as an inspiration for a book. I chose the Seti Sarcophagus from the Sir John Soane Museum, and decided to focus on the book as a form, rather than the book as simply a means of holding content. A sarcophagus represents many things, but I wanted to concentrate on the object as a symbol of the celebration of life. In my book, I used a continuous thread to do a coptic stitch binding, and then sewed that same thread through the pages of the book to connect the pages to one another. The book itself is sculptural, and represents the progression of life in a formal and spiritual way.


"What is Illustration?"

Brief set by Illustration tutor

Oliver O'Keeffe, Central Saint Martins, London, UK.


This brief posed the question: 'What is Illustration?', and challenged me to create an illustration that attempts to define the medium. I decided to narrow in on animation as illustration, and wanted to break animation down to it's frames. I created this flip book, which transitions between digital photography and hand illustration


Passport to Great
British Food

Brief set by Design & Interaction tutors David Preston & Kira Salter, Central Saint Martin's, London, UK.


The objective was to work collaboratively to create a set of four postage stamps, packaged in a presentation pack. The stamps needed to communicate an opinion about British foods, and my group wanted to comment on the international influences on British cuisine.


We created 4 varieties of self-adhesive, transparent postage stamps, modeled after passport visa stamps. The stamp backings were adhered to the page, and when removed from the backing, the stamps were transparent and could be adhered to an envelope.


My focus was on copyrighting, materials, and construction.  I adapted the information from a United States passport, and rewrote & added sections to gear the content towards playful food regulations. For the Identification Page, I used a glossy transparency to mimick the shine of the genuine Passport ID page. 


Tunnel Book #3 - Reveal


35mm black & white portraits, printed on 8x10 resin coated paper.


Tunnel Book #2 - NYC


35mm black & white images, printed on 8x10 resin coated paper.