Igor's Dream


First Place Winner by Committee Selection & Public Vote – 
CONNArtists 2015


In this digital illustration for the Two Road's Brewery 'CONNArtists 2015' contest, I used thousands of triangles to create the likeness of Igor Sikorsky and a hypothetical Two Roads-inspired Black Hawk helicopter.


Created in Adobe Illustrator with patience, love, and the Pen Tool.




I was given a square installation space to create an immersive environment. This is a model of my space, which addressed the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. The piece included a looping, disjointed video that would be projected on the center column.


The Elements of Design


This table suggests an answer to the question, "What is design?"





Monologue Website


For this project, we were prompted to design a single-page site for a monologue of our choice, I selected the closing monologue from the movie, 'Legally Blonde'. I chose to digitally illustrate components that were relevant to the character that delivers the monologue, and then coordinated the typography to the key colors of my illustration.





As the project  prompt was to create a digital cookbook from recipes supplied by each student in the course, I decided to model my site in the style of Facebook to play off of the digital and social nature of the brief.