Social Structures

Collaborative Video Game

In this brief, the designer was challenged to create a structure that encourages collaboration.


Having spent way too many mornings waiting for the trains
of the London Underground, I spent a lot of time analyzing a projection that was located in
one of the tube stations. I felt
that this projection could have been better utilized to do something more engaging for
the people waiting in the station, rather than just cycle through advertisements. After a few sketches, I decided to turn my attention toward people waiting in airports, as people are typically sitting and keeping
to themselves for a longer period of time.


I designed a simulation for a video game that would require two people to work together to fly a plane between clouds to earn points for a daily high score. The game would be an installed projection that would use the motion of the players' bodies to control the plane. One player would control the horizontal movement of the plane, while their partner would control the vertical movement.  I created the elements of the instructions and simulation in Illustrator, and animated them in AfterEffects. I used Final Cut Pro X to create the video of the simulated players.

Static Kinetic

Brief set by Motion Graphics

Professor Mark Zurolo,
University of Connecticut.

September 2014.


This brief prompted the designer to animate the elements of a vintage postage stamp, with the objective of representing its energy and original purpose.


In 1958, the Turkish post distributed a stamp to publicize their "International Letter Writing Week," which was to take place in October of that year. 


In my piece, I wanted to empasize the idea of utilizing the postal system for international communication. I created the individual elements in Photoshop and Illustrator, and animated the piece in AfterEffects.

Five Second Animation

Horse Jump


In this five second animation exercise, I created a looping animation of a horse jumping through a simple cross-country course. I used this exercise to experiment with utilizing texture and space.

Five Second Animation

Roller Coaster


In this exercise, I created a looping rollercoaster to interpret the idea of a bezier curve versus a straight line. I also used this exercise to practice animating
to sound.