Equine Landscapes


As I have been a horseback ­rider for most of my life, I turned to photographing horses for creative exploration. I chose to think about the relationship I have with my horses, which is a deep-­rooted relationship of trust and understanding. The results thus far have been photographs that have reminded viewers of natural landscapes and water, rather than an animal.


As I continue to experiment with color and depth, I am examining the things that make each horse unique, and am attempting to express the individuality of each horse. In the process, I am creating emotional work that requires me to slow down and engage with my subject.


Images in the 'Kaz' series developed in Sequential Photography with Professor Frank Noelker. 2013. 32" & 40" square prints. 


Images in the 'Beau', 'Rocky', and 'Mikhai' series developed in Prof. Noelker's Portrait Photography course. 2014. 32" square prints.


Images from the 'Kaz' series:

Liberty Bank Foundation President's Challenge Scholarship Recipient


UConn School of Fine Arts Annual Scholarship Show Finalist + Awardee


Selected Work, 2014 Exhibition of Undergraduate Artwork in Connecticut,
John Slade Ely House


The Spaceship Project

Brief set by Photography
Professor Janet Pritchard, University of Connecticut.

September 2014.


Imagine that you are blasting off into space, and all that you can take with you is six images.

What would you bring?


When I was trying to decide what images I would want, I began shooting while in Vermont for a weekend with friends. I realized that if I would be leaving for space when the weekend was over,
that it might be nice to take the memories of my last days on
Earth with me to remember.


Textures of London

Collection brief set by
Comm. Design 
Prof. Mark Zurolo,
University of Connecticut. 2014.


While abroad in London, we were encouraged to keep a collection of anything that we wanted. I consider myself to be obsessed with texture, so naturally began collecting images that captured various textures around the city of London. By the end of the term, I had collected hundreds of textures that I intend to develop into a book.



Winter - Spring 2014.


Over the months that I lived in London, I documented my travels through writings and photographs. This is a small selection of images that includes snapshots of the city, as well as the city of Bath, the village of Lacock, Stonehenge, and the city of Paris, France.


Human Architecture


When transitioning into life at a large university, it is common to feel small and alone.
I myself found that I was feeling detached
when I first transferred to the main UConn campus from a small branch campus;
I attempted to address those feelings of uncertainty and isolation through sequencing images of desolate university architecture between conflicted self-portraits.


Project developed with Professor Frank Noelker, Digital Imaging Summer Intensive. 2012. 8" x 12" prints.



'Column', 'Stacks', 'Union Patio', & 'CB Hall' images:

Office of the Provost Photography Award Winner


Univ. of Connecticut Provost's Permanent Collection